You Have Questions,
We Have Answers

If you have a question that is not answered below, feel free to contact us directly at info@genesisva.org. We want to make sure you have all of the answers you need to make an informed decision.


Is Genesis Virtual Academy accredited and able to grant diplomas?
Genesis Virtual Academy is a program of Mayer Lutheran High School in
Mayer MN. Mayer Lutheran High School is accredited by both Advanc-Ed
and Lutheran Schools Accreditation. Students who successfully complete
the graduation requirements will receive a diploma from Mayer Lutheran
High School.

Does Genesis Virtual Academy provide college counseling services?
Yes, a Genesis Virtual Academy Counselor works with students and parents to
provide guidance for Post Secondary Options.

What grade levels are offered?
Genesis serves both full-time and part-time students in grades 3-12.

Can a student take just one or two courses?

What happens if a student transfers to Genesis Virtual Academy when
they are past 9th grade already?

A Genesis academic counselor will review transcripts for incoming students
and recommend a program of study. Genesis accepts course credits from
Home Schools, Private Schools and Public Schools.

Can a student take 4-6 courses yet still remain a homeschooler?
Homeschoolers can choose to apply any number of Genesis courses towards a diploma or not.

Are students able to work at their pace, or is there a specific
school calendar?

Students can start to take a Genesis course at any time. Students are not
limited to starting on a specific date. Students can work at their own pace.
We assist students in completing semester courses within 18 weeks. Students
needing more than 20 weeks to complete can be granted a course extension.

Are lessons online only, or is there work away from the computer?
All of the content and guidance is provided electronically by computer. Much
of the activity takes place off-line. Lessons can also be printed and used in
locations where internet or computers not available.

How can a student participate in the free computer program offered by
Genesis Virtual Academy?

Students who have enrolled full time will receive a computer. The computer will
be sent to the home after the 1st Tuition payment is made.

Why is Genesis Virtual Academy not as expensive as most other
online schools?

Genesis Virtual Academy is a Ministry of Mayer Lutheran High School. Our
desire is to advance the Kingdom of God by preparing the next generation of
Christian Leaders. It is important to have access to an affordable Christian
education. Profit is not our goal.

Is there a tuition refund if a student withdraws?

Yes, we follow these withdrawal refund guidelines.

Withdrawing within 2 weeks of start: per class:   Full tuition refund less $100
Withdrawing within 1st Month: per class:            Full tuition refund less $170
Withdrawing prior to mid point of term:               Full tuition refund less $200